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Compression is My Fashion Now (posted on September 9, 2016)
So I've had a bulging vein in the back of my right leg for oh, I guess a few years now. Maybe as many as 12 years? It's hard to remember, because I mostly ignored it until maybe two years ago. I think this vein was around when I was pregnant; I certainly remember having a painful bulging vein in my inner thigh, just above the knee, when I was pregnant, but that went away afterward. In any case,...

The Ice Hockey Escapades: sequins and skirts it's not

So. Much. Pain. (posted on August 26, 2013)
Ugh, had a major head-to-head collision in last night's game against Team Silver, and it's left my neck a throbbing, stabbing mass of pain. I'd hate to think what the pain level would be like *without* the four Advil I've ingested this morning (not to mention the ice I put on it last night and the four Advil I took then as well). It feels like I was in a car accident. The guy who hit me was not...

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What I did on my summer vacation. (2001)

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